Same Feeling Different Thought

by Forgotten Tropics

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This is a compilation demo mixtape debut album that features Zachary Roth (22), Monica LaBelle (7), Niko Bokos (4), Matt Martin (3), Parker Nellett (2), and Chet Zenor (1), oh and of course Aiden Johnson (1). Please keep in mind that this was recorded with $94 worth of equipment. Have a nice time with this ya know, take a stroll, drink some liquids, have some fun.

Love Always,
Forgotten Tropics


released March 13, 2015

Zachary Roth
Monica LaBelle
Niko Bokos
Parker Nellett
Chet Zenor
Aiden Johnson



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Forgotten Tropics Chicago, Illinois

We are a blues based alternative indie rock band with folk, funk, psychedelic, avant-garde, electronic, jazz and spoken word influences.

Zachary Roth
Steve Lobkovich
Christian Flannery

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Track Name: Blue
Oh, You Make Me Feel So Blue
Oh, Theres Nothing Else I Can Do
Inside Your Head Is Where I Want To Be;
I Love How You Love Me So Carefully

Ooh The Last Man I've Known Never Knew How To Treat Me
Ooh With The Ripples In His Past, He Couldn't Forsee Me
And The Wind That Carries On, To Where I Came From And Where We're Going
So What's It All To You
When Were Feelin' Blue
And What's Worth Knowing

Oh, You Make Me Feeeeel So Bluue
Oh, Theres Nothing Else I Can Do-o-oo,
Track Name: Last Dying Man
I Let My Head Go Quiet
So I Could Hear The Shit
Although My Life Was Happy
I Had To Ruin It

It's Been This Way Since Seventeen
The Answers Been At The Bottom of the Glass
While The Cherishing Quickly Becomes The Keroscene
And Baby GIrl, I've Got The Match

(O-Oh The Tides Rolling In
Ay-Hey I'm Drenched In Sin
My Time Grows Thin For Every Day That Im In
It's Getting Harder To Live And Even Harder To Begin

Ay- Ay Im Melting Away
Show Me That You Know Me Like Your Here To Stay
Just Kick Me To The Curb, I'll Understand
I'll Do Whatever It Takes To Be Your Last Dying Man) 2x
Track Name: Valerie (Amy Winehouse Cover)
Well sometimes I go out by myself
And I look across the water
And I think of all the things, what you're doing
And in my head I paint a picture

Since I've come on home,
Well my body's been a mess
And I've missed your ginger hair
And the way you like to dress
Won't you come on over
Stop making a fool out of me
Why don't you come on over, Valerie?

Did you have to go to jail,
Put your house on up for sale, did you get a good lawyer?
I hope you didn't catch a tan,
I hope you find the right man who'll fix it for ya

Are you shopping anywhere,
Changed the color of your hair, are you busy?
And did you have to pay that fine
That you were dodging all the time, are you still dizzy?
Track Name: Keep Running
You Said You Wouldn't Do The
Things That I Willingly Did For You
You Said You Bought The Moon,
The Stars, The Keys, The Girls, They Are

My Life In Your Eyes Keeps Spinnin'
While My Head Knows Your Heart Is Winnin'
Never A Day Goes By I Don't Ask You Why
Even Though I Know The Answer Is a Lie

You Think I Know
Where To Go From Here
But I'm On My Own
While The Twilight Nears
Blowing Through Those Lines
Lost In Paradigms
There's No Way From Where I'm Coming
So Whatever You Do Now, Just Keep Running

She Said Knowing You Was Worth It
But She Still Left Without A Purpose
Just A Letter On The Desk For Show
The Only Words In My Head- Dont Go
Track Name: If You Don't Care
I Forgot Where I'm Going/ Where I'm From
Who I am, Who I was
In Another Life We'd Be, Thats For Sure
But What You Meant To Me
You Mean No More

Just Take Me To The Limelight
It's That Simple
Just Take Me There
Just Take Me There

Just Do Another Line Right,
Well That's Another Ripple,
but I Don't Care
If You Don't Care

In Another Day Another Way
It Doesn't Matter What You Say
I Need You In My Sight
With what's going on
I've Come Up Wrong
But Baby, You Make Me Feel Alright

It's Not Over
'Till You Say It Is
But I Don't Know
Who You'll Choose
To Fill Your shoes but I love You Ooh
Track Name: Pleased
There's No Way Out
It's Not On Your Own
Getting Upside Of Down
It's Got To Vibrate Your Bones
It's Not So Easy To Get Back To A Decent Level
and Whatever The Weather, I Feel Hot As A Tea Kettle

It's A Long Way Back From Where I Started From
As Long As It's Heavy, I Can Hold It As If I Were Drunk
I Know Now I Need, To Get Rid Of This Disease
But Now There's No Other Way TO Be Pleased.
Track Name: She
She Will Never Be
Another Man's Luxury
It's Her Heart
She Couldn't Give To Me
Lust is All It Will Ever Be
Oh It's Raining, On my Windowsill
But Her Eyes, Make Me remember Still.

Oh, I Run in Slow
Trippin On My Lovin'
I Can't Get Enough and
Ok She's Better Off
Doing Fine
With Another Guy Alright
Track Name: Gabriela (pt. 2)
I Could Say Your Name For Days
And If You Hear Me Now
Then I know, You've Been Lost In the Haze

And I Feel
Like You Got Away
With What You've Said
And With What You Don't Say
You've Got Me Swayed
Like Never Before
Have I Begun To Run
In Every Which Way To You
I Can't Help But Find Myself
Within Your Bodacious Grooves

It's What You Do
It's Not What You Say
It's Not About How Far You Go
It's About How Much You Take Away
A Hope And A Whisper
Up My Back You Give Me Shivers
Oh Baby, Shiver Me Timbers
I Love It, Stay Around
Track Name: Falling Faster Now
ay ay ay
whoa whoa whoa
ay ay ay
whoa whoa whoa
I need You To See
And Reach Further Out To Me
A Day In The Life
I'v Fallen At Your Heights
So Drop

You Know I Need You
You Need To Know Me
Or Else What's The Point
Falling Faster Now
Track Name: What You Call America
You Know Me
It's Not The End Of Me
It's Not What You See
It's Not Because Of That Indica
It's Not What You've Heard
It Can't Be Symbolized By Any Word

You Know Me
I Fell Of The End of The Country
To Live Under The Seas
Of Droughts And Tender Love
Into This Plague This Disease
Of What You Call
America, America, America, America
Track Name: Rio Je Dinero
Drum Track/ Guitar/ Production- Zachary Roth
Track Name: It's Not That Easy
Oh It's Not That Easy
Fighting For Your Cause

Hey Whats The Point Of Being
Whats The Point Of It All

Oh It's Not That Easy
Fighting For Your Cause

Hey Whats The Point of Being
If Your Not Fighting At Al

IDK, What Can I Say
I've Gone All Out And It's Been This Way

But I Know
If You Look a Little Further
You'll Find Your Home
It's Not Too Far I've Been There Before
(It's Just Another Day) 3x

Let This Be On The Record
That These Will Be The Best Goddamn Days Of Our Lives

*Monica's Poem*
Track Name: Stay
I Ain't Got Nothin'
But A Place To Go
With Endless Opportunity
At The End Of The Road
A One Way Ticket
Into The Unknown
With A Bag On My Back
And The Wind Will Carry On

So Far So Gone
It Won't Feel Too Long If You
It's Far Too Cold Outside

Why Don't You Give Me A Call To See If I Could Help
Why Don't You Forget It All To See If You Could Help Yourself
Will It Ever End, Only TIme Can Tell
So Stop Runnin' You've Tapped An Empty Well
Track Name: I See You (Ooh)
Eyes Shine Blue In the Dusk
Lies Shine True When You Trust
Somebody Else With Nothing to Lose
If They Don't Really Care, Then Whats There to Prove

With An empty hand, What's there to do
And I Can't Stand
To Forget the Excuse
While We Move With The Crowd
Alone In An Empty Room
You Slip Through The Cracks
Avoiding The Truth
And I See You
I See You (Ooh)

You Got To find your way around
So Desperate for that city life
But You've Got to turn it down
It's An Arm And a Leg
For What Your Asking For
But If I Were There Right Now Do I gotta Say Anymore

Track Name: Blouse You Had On
I'd Be Lying To Myself
If I Were Someone Else
I Know You Must Confess
You Hide Behind This Loneliness
But Right Now It's What You Need
Right Now It's What You Believe So Tell Me
Within The Doors Of Your House
You Found What's Beneath Your Blouse You've Had On
Track Name: A Tribute (to Frusc)
*Quotes extracted from VPro Interview*
Track Name: Baby, There Ain't Nothin' Left To Say
I Am Whoever They Say I Was
But Then Again
Is It All Just Because
My Woman Done Gone Up And Left
In My Life, I Ain't Ever Felt More Spent
It Was Love Or Whatever You Want To Call It
Or Maybe Not Since Her Heart Was In My Wallett
I lost My Mind Seventy Times
But Thats Not To Say I Did Not See The Signs
Of True Intentions and What The Mean
That Things Are Never What They Seem

I Can't Help You If You Can't Help Yourself Baby
You Left Me In The Rain
Oh-Oh Goin' Forward Slowly Seems Insane
But Baby, Baby, There Ain't Nothin' Left To Say

Don't You Feel Too Bad For This Guy
For He Still Has What Money Cannot Buy
So No Matter How Much He's Goin' to Miss Her
He Can Always, Always Count On His Sister.